Intimidating Results

I'm still kind of floored after creating some pure Zettelkasten notes the other day—in fact, a better word would be "intimidated." I feel the power of the technique in the same way that I felt it from free-writing for an hour every day. The potential of both techniques is obvious and also terrifying.

I want my daily methods to include both, but I'm afraid that I could not even begin to keep up with the results. I've yet to go in and parse out the useful bits from the nearly 100,000 words I accumulated through the free-write experiment I did six months ago.

With all that said, I have to consider the stasis I've been in for the past several years (in every area of my life.) While I fear the overload of these techniques, I have to wonder if something drastic is what I need to break me free from the amber I am stuck in.  I think by nature something drastic means something intimidating, and while it shares the shit out of me to admit it, adding these to my daily routine may be the thing I need.

I'm not sure exactly how they will shake out from a logistical perspective, but I firmly believe that leaning into something heavily will always yield some sort of result. And while I favor a positive result, there is also a part of me that recognizes that any change is progress.

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