Thirty-Minute Shift

It's kind of incredible what thirty minutes of time and more energy can do to transform your productivity.

I've been running on low sleep for so long that doing anything required mustering non-existent willpower (and small parts of divine intervention.) It had been going on for so long that it became my new normal. I started to accept it as part of my identity. "This is just how I am now." It was actually me being forced to accept my greatest fear: that as I got older I would give up on being a creative person and doing creative things.

But instead of accepting that, I've chosen simply to create habits that nurture better sleep patterns. A big one of those is choosing to compensate for my sleep by going to bed earlier, sometimes staying in bed for 10 hours. Those 2 hours of additional time in bed actually a large portion of the exhaustion, which in turn gives me more energy.

Secondly, I've shifted my wake-up time to 30 minutes early. This sounds incremental but oddly this in combination with more energy has made me extremely productive (and happy while being productive.) I'm not sure exactly why the 30 minutes makes such a big change but I feel like I have about 3 more hours in my day now. It's currently 2 pm and I've completed everything on my list for today and am already at the computer writing. This typically wouldn't happen until 5 or 6 pm.

These two things also have a positive feedback effect. I get things completed earlier, which means I slip into off-time earlier, and am more rested and ready for bed at night, which in turn leads to better sleep.

C. A. Hall

C. A. Hall

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